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Human Computer
Mini Documentary
DV, 6 minutes

A mini documentary about Winsome Bellamy, the last living “Human Computer” who was charged with measuring the distances between stars.

Power House Museum

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Narrative Feature

When the security of their lives suddenly gives way, three women find themselves pushed to acts of revenge and reconciliation. Seeing Red is the collision of three invisibly-linked stories, each avenging loss in the name of love.

Grand Jury Prize, C3 market of Asia Pacific Film Festival     

Documentary VR
In development

This is a journey into the most extraordinary and unique art gallery anywhere on earth. Australia is home to over 100,000 rock art sites. 50,000 years of history. Countless stories.To most Australians, this is a hidden world. Unseen. But imagine if this gallery could be opened up. To anyone. At anytime. Anywhere.Imagine being taken on a journey deep into the world of Aboriginal rock art to meet the ‘First Artists’. For the first time, Virtual Reality can make this journey possible. For all Australians.

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Feature Documentary
In development

Indigenous art is a $200 million industry.  Meanwhile, the ancient Juukan Gorge with rock art dating back 46,000 years was recently destroyed by Rio Tinto and hundreds of other sacred rock art sites are at risk of a similar fate. Money and profit decide whether it is preserved or destroyed.This documentary seeks to expose the inherent contradictions, complexities and ironies surrounding Aboriginal culture- both its commodification and destruction- through several seemingly disconnected stories centered around art.

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Animation, VR
In development

An animated virtual fable about the loss of innocence and the transformative powers of love, taking us on an magical  journey into a mythical paper kingdom.  Imagine stepping inside an artisan pop up book… this unique interactive experience will bring traditional hand crafted forms of visual storytelling- from papier maché marionettes to Balinese shadow puppetry- into a virtual cgi world.

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