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Seeing Red
Original feature screenplay

Orange Entertainment
Original story: Liselle Mei & Derek Nguyen
Writers: Liselle Mei,  Derek Nguyen & Eugenie Muggleton
Producers: Dan Lake & Stephanie Westwood 

Winding through the backstreets of Melbourne’s Chinatown, Seeing Red starts with a motorcycle accident that overturns three seemingly safe and unconnected worlds. A sheltered housewife discovers that her husband’s second-wife and their son live only
a few blocks away. A young girl finds herself trapped by the predatory sexual desire of her teenage sister’s older lover. A widow plots to confront the man responsible for her husband and daughter’s accidental deaths. Seeing Red is the collision of these invisibly-linked stories, each involving characters avenging loss in the name of love.

Grand Jury Prize, C3 market of Asia Pacific Film Festival          
Supported by the Tribeca Film Institute’s All-Access Alumni program

Official Selection of the No Borders program at the IFP Market