Liselle Mei

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Red Earth
Original feature screenplay
Freshwater Pictures
Writer: Liselle Mei
Producer: Trish Lake

Supported by Screen Queensland & Screen Australia

1882. A red veiled Chinese bride is shipped from China to a remote sugar cane plantation in tropical Queensland in an arranged marriage to a Chinese cane cutter.

Desperate to escape her loveless marriage, she begins an erotic game with the reclusive English land owner hoping to buy back her freedom. She soon finds herself more trapped than ever.

A compelling cross cultural love story that promises to be a landmark film in its depiction of the Chinese presence in Australia. 

Finalist at the 27th Asian American Film Festival screenplay competition

Official Selection for the No Borders program at the IFP Market

Offical Selection for the Tribeca Film Institute’s All-Access program

Offical Selection for Pusan’s PPP program